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Our Traditional Menu



Cold cuts and cheeses represent the spirit and art of the good Umbrian table, they are appreciated worldwide for their aroma and flavour. Excellent to taste with the Torta al testo (Cake to the Tile), a mixture of water and flour cooked on a cast iron frypan on the top of the stove. Among the most famous cold cuts there ham of Norcia IGP a superior product that is excellent to the knife cut.

  • Seasoned pork from Norcia PGI on rosemary bread chips
    PGI veal carpaccio of Veal PGI with saffron emulsion, brunoise of kiwi and marinated red onions from Cannara 
  • Wrought Beef PGI Lime and pepper
  • Grand mixed of Umbrian Excellences (Coppa,dried pork sausage, Norcia Raw ham, Wild boar sausage, Agrisolana Pecorino cheese cow caciotta cheese from Valnerina,  goat’s Tomino cheese, Colfiorito cow mild soft cheese Agrisolana ewe’s Ricotta cheese, slice of Torta al Testo)
  • Fisherman earthenware dish (seafood stew with garlic crust)
  • Crudités and Fumé * (red Sicilian Shrimp, prawns, carpaccio of swordfish, tuna and octopus Fish brawn)



First dishes of fresh pasta seasoned with high quality ingredients such as saffron from the Sibillini mountains, the black truffle, precious fruit of the Umbrian ground with its aromatic and unmistakable flavour or ragout of Chianina, characterized by a very slow cooking and prepared with selected lean meats .

  • Water and flour homemade Umbricelli  with parmesan mousse and black truffle
  • Homemade Tagliatella pasta with white ragout with rosemary and pecorino cheese
  • Tortellini pasta filled with cheeses on top of ricotta cheese and pear fondue 
  • Melted of polenta, porcini and truffle
  • Yellow pumpkin cream with crispy porcini mushroom
  • Risotto with Cream of Shrimps
  • Paccheri, sword, mussels and pachino yellow sauce 



Meat is the main ingredient of the traditional Umbrian cuisine. Our main courses are prepared with the most selected meats and cooked with skill by our Chefs, following the typical regional tradition or inspired by the traditional Italian food culture.

  • Rack of Lamb in bread crust and rustic potato with onion powder
  • Pork tenderloin in reduction of Montefalco red wine
  • Braised Cheek PGI
  • Chicken Maki with julienne vegetables and beetroot drops upon green peas
  • Fried prawns, squids, and cod
  • Sea bass fillet with caramelized chives, leek and red onions from Cannara with chicory cube


  • Cut PGI veal with rosemary
  • Rib Beef PGI
  • Florentine beefsteak




Thanks to the climat of the region, Umbrian oils such as dop & organic extra virgin olive oil are selected and used to dress these healthy , colorful and very tasty side dishes. Among the ingredients used stands out the black celery of Trevi, the onion of Cannara Umbra a worldwide known product and spell, the oldest cereal ever known and of which Umbria is great producer.

  • Seasoned or soured seasonal vegetables
  • Mixed seasonal salad
  • Borettane onions to the sweet and sour flavor,
  • Rustic potato


Traditional Desserts rivisited by the imagination of our chefs

  • Tiramisù with raisins and Grand Marnier
  • Disassemble Cheesecake with wild berries
  • Creamy Chantilly on top of crispy layers
  • Stuffed cocoa Sphere
  • Salame del Re

( * ) In case of lack of availability, some products may be frozen.
In case of allergies and intolerances we can change the menu depending on your needs.
From the Cellar: a Selection of Umbrian Wines, also from bio growing .
“Gluten Free Kitchen” on reservation.(*)