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Park of Trinity


Parco della Trinità, the centuries-old park where the Hotel Bluebay Colle della Trinità Perugia is located, is a large wooded area at about 652 m. above sea level. The total area is 9 hectares and 2,600 square meters. Over the years it has been the subject of reforestation and various enhancement projects to make the area especially suited to spend some free time in the outdoors. Thanks to the many paths and trails it is the ideal place where to walk, jog, bring your 4-legged friends and enjoy the various breathtaking views it offers, from Perugia to Assisi, from the Sibillini Mountains to Lake Trasimeno.

The beneficial effects of nature on our body

Walking in Nature gives not only fun but allows to spend time in a carefree way and it is also very important for a healthy life style. A walk of at least 15 minutes in a park or in a wood gives real and measurable changes at physiological level that are transformed into wellness. To say such a thing is science: being in Nature gives beneficial effects both to body and mind and quickly improves one’s general health. Here is explained how it happens:

parco-colle-trinitaNature reduces anxiety – According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health performed by check- crossing the data conerning the residence and the medical records of 340 thousand Dutch, the ones who live less than 1 km from a real natural green area with trees, have anxiety levels and depression lower than those living in cities.

Nature improves the intake of vitamin D – Reduces inflammation, improves the immune system and much more: the benefits of Vitamin D are numerous (here all the benefits of vitamins from A to K) and staying in the open to the natural light of the sun, is the best way to get your fill of vitamin D.

Nature improves the quality of sleep – Moving away from the artificial lights of the city and staying for a few days in a natural environment regulates hormonal functions and the inner clock that determines the rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.

Nature strengthens the immune system – This has been demonstrated by a Japanese study that examined the practice of “Shinrin-yoku”, the traditional and widespread ‘bathroom in the forest’ of the Japanese: The ones who devoted to this practice reported lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), decreased heart rate and blood pressure decrease.

Nature improves creativity-A study conducted in 2012 by Ruth Ann Atchley has shown that spending time immersed in nature enhances creativity of 50%: the explanation lies in the fact that modernity (smartphone, TV, shops, shop windows, etc) is a constant source of distraction, which does not allow to concentrate and find creative solutions.The same reason why being in nature helps us better understand the emotions, as you can read here.

Nature improves memory – The data from a study conducted by the University of Michigan show how spending the short-holidays (weekend) in contact with nature improves the cognitive functions, starting from memory and attention.

Montemalbe: a walk through the history of ancient Perugia


Parco della Trinità is located at the top of Montemalbe, a mountains system rich in history. While walking one can come across some real pieces of history of ancient Perugia: in addition to the convent (still active and goal of several pilgrimages), there are many Etruscan evidences, as city walls and urban , religious and charcoal settlements. Even the trails are “historical”, as in ancient times they were tracked to facilitate the orientation of hunters, farmers and foresters.